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Searching for Missing People in Manchester

Here you can request a free dedicated web page to share with the world and search for your loved one.

Fill the details & send the form.

After reporting the missing person to the police, you can fill the form with the information that we will use on your page.

Wait for your unique online poster.

The creation of your page begins, and when it’s ready, you will receive an e-mail with your link (e.g.

Share your web page anywhere.

You can start sharing your link on social media, forums, etc. People will see the details and fill a form to contact you.

Missing Person's Details

Do you need further help?

Here are some useful links you can try

Greater Manchester Police Website, Find or Report a missing person
UK Missing Persons Unit –
Missing People Charity
Help & Advice – Look 4 Them
Children’s Society Charity
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